Dental Advice: Gums as part of your dental Health

It’s quite normal to think that the main problems in our dental health are associated with more common issues such as teeth malformation, cavities in the teeth, inflammation, among others. However, we should all know that there is a key component that is as important as any other for your dental Read More

Center for aggression and sexual mounting found in male mice.

NATURE journal has a fine article by a Caltech research group about the most precise localization of the neuronal circuit for aggression (and sexual mounting) in male mice. Now, that’s important for human beings as well, because we happen to share that part of the brain with just about all other Read More

Winter SADness? Stick a light in your ear!

An wonderful English madrigal from 1598 by Thomas Weelkes goes “To shorten Winter sadness see where the nymphs with gladness Falala lala lala Falala lala lala” And the nymphs  go dancing and singing through the town making people happy. The point is that human beings have known about “Winter Read More

Lost in Password Hell on the Unfriendly Web…

Don’t get me wrong, I love the web, the biggest treasury of human knowledge — and misinformation — ever assembled at everyone’s fingertips. And then there are passwords, user id’s, identity thieves, phishing scams, and flashing ads that follow my browser wherever I go. It’s the Read More
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