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5 Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in Just Four Weeks

If you want to look good always and have those heads turning in admiration anytime you walk by, then you need to have changes in your lifestyle.

Your diet has to change for one thing and also you need to drop certain habits like excessive alcoholic beverage drinking and smoking of cigarettes.

Another very important thing you need to do to have a great body is to engage in regular exercises.

Here are six exercises that you can try out at home today to keep in good shape.

The good news is the exercises don’t need any special equipment and wouldn’t take too much of your time, so you can actually do it before young to work in the morning.

  1. The Plank Exercise
  • If you want an exercise that will cater for the health of your entire body, then the plank is one you should try; here’s how it’s done.
  • Keep your back straight and support with your forefeet, elbows, and forearms.
  • Make sure that your lower waist or buttocks are not raised.
  • You should be comfortable when you keep the posture and it will help to build your abs, anterior thigh muscles, arm muscles and also your back muscles.
  1. Do Push-Ups

While in the plank position you can make an adjustment to this exercise by pushing up using your arms making sure that your back, legs and also your buttocks are all aligned in a straight line.

You will get back to the starting position and repeat, in doing this you will strengthen your arms and belly muscles.

  1. Try The Squats

First get on the soles of your feet, then make sure your legs are at about a shoulder-width from each other.

Next, try and squat keeping your arms in front of you while you squat, once you go down try and slowly lift yourself back up.

  1. Exercise For Your Thigh And Buttocks Muscles

Get on your hands and knees and then extend a leg as well as your other hand. Maintain this posture for awhile and then switch to your other leg and hand, make sure your leg is straightened always.

  1. Exercise For Your Abs

Get on your back and stretch out your arms upwards and gently raise your left leg and try and touch your left foot with your right hand. Switch legs and repeat the exercise.

  1. Exercise To Tone Your Buttocks And Ab Muscles

Support yourself with your hands and feet forming a sort of triangle with your body from the ground in the process. Make sure one leg is lifted up, raise it as high as possible and keep it there for a while. Slowly bring your leg down and let your knee touch your nose on the process. Switch legs and repeat the exercise.

You can try out these exercises with this 4-week course.

In week 1

You should try this plan daily and for a week.

  • Do a 2-minute plank
  • A 1-minute push-up routine
  • A 1-minute abs and thigh muscle exercise
  • A minute exercise for your abs
  • 1 minute for your abs and buttocks muscles
  • A minute for toning your waist
  • And 2 minutes plank exercise.

Take a break for about 10 seconds after each exercise.

1n Week 2

Try these exercises in week 2.

For The First Set

  • Do a 3-minute plank
  • A 3-minute ab exercise
  • A 3-minute buttocks and thigh exercise

Take a short 15-second break in between each exercise.

For The Second Set

  • Do a 3-minute exercise for your waist
  • Do 3-minutes push-up exercise
  • Do 3-minute buttocks and abs exercise

Make sure to rest between exercises, take a 15-second break between each exercise.

In Week 3

Just do the first set exercises as seen in week 1.

In Week 4

Just repeat the exercises as seen in the week 2 set of exercises.

Keep up with the exercise routine and for a short while, you will be surprised by the outcome.


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