These 6 Symptoms Happen a Month before a Heart Attack!

Nowadays, the number of heart attacks is constantly on the increase and this health problem has become no.1 cause for death in the world. However, this shouldn’t come as a surprise if we take into consideration that a great percentage of the population leads an unhealthy lifestyle and is under constant pressure and stress.

Prevention Is Key

To reduce the risk of a heart attack, we need to learn how to deal with stress and lead a healthier lifestyle comprised of a healthy diet and regular physical activity. Moreover, being able to recognize the main symptoms of a heart attack is vital for a fast treatment and recovery.

The most Common Symptoms of a Heart Attack

Shortness of breath

When the lungs don’t get the needed amount of oxygen, the heart doesn’t receive the necessary blood. Therefore, if you experiencing a difficulty breathing or some other problem related to your breathing, consult your physician.

Flu and cold-like symptoms

If you have flu or cold symptoms that came suddenly, you may experience a heart attack in the near future. A lot of heart attack patients have reported having cold and flu-like symptoms prior to their heart attacks.

Pressure in the chest

Chest pressure is one of the clearest signs of a heart attack. Consult your physician as soon as possible.


Fatigue is a clear symptom of a heart attack. When the arteries narrow down, it becomes impossible for the blood to flow properly. As a result, the muscles don’t receive the needed amount and you feel weak and tired.

Cold sweats and dizziness

Poor circulation impedes the blood flow to the brain, which is vital for the proper functioning of the brain.


If you feel drowsy even after a good night’s sleep or a rest and if this has been happening for a longer period of time, your blood flow to the heart may be compromised.


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