Are You Still Sleeping in Your Pajamas? Stop! This Is What Happens When You Sleep Naked!

According to Dr. Travis Bradberry, co-author of the bestseller Emotional Intelligence 2.0, sleeping naked has the power to lower the stress level, improve the metabolism, and, what’s more, it will boost your confidence.

Nonetheless, only 8% of the American population practices naked sleeping, as seen on The Huffington Post. Moreover, Trisha Barle of Allday goes on to explain that people who sleep naked prevent the spread of bacteria in unwanted areas.

Furthermore, besides the health benefits, sleeping naked means greater likelihood of initiating sex with your partner. What’s more, men who sleep naked have a higher sperm count. As written on Medical Daily, couples who sleep together naked have a far happier marriage and relationships.

In fact, a poll by the Cotton USA showed that 57% of British couples who sleep nude reported being happy in their relationships. Additionally, 94% of couples who sleep with their skin touching reported being satisfied with their relationships. According to Cosmopolitan, sleeping naked doesn’t only improve relationships, but it also betters the skin and hair health. This is because when you are too warm at night, melatonin and the growth hormone, responsible for anti-aging, don’t release into the body properly.

When you sleep in cooler temperatures without clothes, you also regulate the stress hormone cortisol, i.e. you will wake up relaxed and less likely to crave sugary and greasy foods, with which the chances for gaining unwanted pounds lower.

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