How Your Favorite Soft Drink May Be Destroying Your Bones

Did you know that the average American drinks approximately 45 gallons of soda and other sugary drinks yearly? Soda drinks are available everywhere, from fast-food restaurants to sit-down restaurants and vending machines. Most of us know that soda drinks aren’t healthy; however, we don’t actually realize how much they can damage our health. Studies have shown that sodas can be detrimental for the bones.

Soda Drinks

One regular soda has more than 11 tsp of sugar per can. This sugar leads to sugar spikes and a release of insulin. Soda also has phosphoric acid and after you drink a can, this acid goes into the lower intestine and binds with zinc, magnesium, and calcium. Instead of these minerals going into the bones, they’re removed from your body through urine. This leaves the body depleted.

Taking Away from the Bones

The depleting effect soda drinks have on the bones may be more detrimental for women and teens than adult men. Hence, women who drank around 6 servings of soda daily for 6 weeks had a drop in bone mineral density between 3% and 6%. 9 of 10 teen girls and 7 of 10 teen boys already aren’t consuming enough calcium so they cannot afford losing calcium to phosphoric acid in soda. Unfortunately, lack of calcium in teens increases the risk of fractures, breaks, and osteoporosis in adult life.

Dissolving the Teeth

Even though the teeth aren’t bones technically, they contain a lot of minerals that are present in the bones. The teeth are much stronger than the bones, but they don’t possess restorative properties, i.e. if the teeth are damaged, they won’t heal as the bones will. Unfortunately, excessive amounts of soda can lead to tooth deterioration and tooth erosion similar to the one caused by illegal drugs. The teeth become more prone to rotting as well.

Healthier Options

Instead of sodas, you should drink water which hydrates the body and it’s the healthiest drink we can drink. Milk is also a great option because it will supply you with calcium and nourish the whole body. Black coffee and unsweetened tea, when drank in moderation, are great replacements for sodas.




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