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Lose Water Weight by Using Wrapping Technique

If you need to lose a few pounds to fit that special dress of yours, you need this wrapping technique.

People who tried it say it’s effective for losing the water weight fast. The only thing you need is Vicks VapoRub and a plastic wrap.

The VapoRub is present in all homes. It comes with aiding properties for fevers, colds, and chest pains. What you don’t know is that the cream finds its place losing weight and improving the look of some parts of your body.

Many doctors and spas will offer this wrap therapy just to make your skin tighter and help you with your weight loss.

The wrapping technique was extremely popular in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Now, you can do it in your home.

Here how the wrapping technique can help you:

Weight Loss

The “Step to Help” magazine says that the VapoRub has an amazing active ingredient, camphor. It has the ability to stimulate the fat burning process in some areas of your body.

Another source says that is the combination of VapoRub and plastic warp that causes the body to sweat and boost it to water loss, not fat. The weight loss is temporary. Maybe a day or two just before the body get the water back in. However, this is a great opportunity to lose an inch or two to fit into your special dress.

Cellulite Reduction

If you mix the VapoRub with rubbing alcohol and baking soda, you are going to get the perfect mixture that could reduce the cellulite. The combo will moisturize your skin, as well.

Stretch Mark Reduction

LiveStrong gets into the story with their view about the oils in VapoRub. They are the solution that could minimize the appearance of stretch marks. The cream can’t do miracles, but it could make the marks feel softer and reduce the dry appearance. However, don’t raise your hopes up too much because there is no cream that could make the stretch marks disappear.

Here is a video of the wrapping technique.

I hope it works for you like for many people.

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Source: Remedy Daily


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