Welcome to A Conscious Brain.

We all have one.

This blog presents exciting scientific advances about mind-brains in everyday language.

But why “mind-brain”? Isn’t all the hot news about BRAIN science?

Not quite.

You and I talk to each other’s minds, equipped with conscious feelings, personal goals, hunger, thirst, sex drives, and all the rest.

In everyday language we speak the language of mind.

About half the nouns and verbs of everyday English are mental terms. Not many people say “you just made my right amygdala fire off!”

When we talk everyday mentalese to each other, we refer to the inner workings of our brains.

Brain science gives the outside viewpoint on our everyday minds.

The Society for Mind-Brain Science wants to help integrate BOTH of those points of view in a single, integrated understanding.

So this blog is about both.

We hope you’ll enjoy our regular posts. Feel free to sign up to our email list, and if you want to support our work, please join the Society for Mind-Brain Science.